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Why Cork

  • Impermeable & Buoyant material
  • Compressible & Flexible in nature
  • Resists to liquid penetration
  • Elastic in nature
  • Extensively used in Automobile & Transformer industry and many electrical equipement. Cork is a natural impermeable and buoyant material that is harvested for a commercial use to make various products. It is very popular around the globe due to its elasticity and long life. Cork granules are just a bark of the special cork tree that is uncovered once in nine years.

    Cork is elastic and compressible due to which it is rather easy to be fitted in any shape or product. This special behaviour is due to its unique cell skeleton that allows air to be filled in the flexible wall of the cork cells and can be reshaped. Even it resists to liquid penetration.

    Cork & Electricals: Be it transformer or any other electronic industry, cork has a very intuitive use in electronics industry. Though transformer design fluctuates from one manufacturer to the other but every R.C. kit contains the rubberised cork of a particular kilo volt ampere that paves user to make a good use of it. Rubberised cork sheets are very famous in market due to its compressible and elastic nature and AR Cork is best at making rubber cork sheets.

    Cork & Other Application: A natural material with a pleasant touch and smell makes cork a versatile product that can be given any shape or size. From Decoration to the most sophisticated fashion products, cork has given rise to clothing, jewellery and footwear. Design has become an important aspect of current challenges in bringing cork to the forefront of modern age. From bulletin boards to the photo frames, it has diversified applications and is fulfilled to the core.

    Cork & Transport: Cork is resilient in nature and so has a good effect in oil level gauges. Automobile industry has been evidenced the proof of cork at a large scale. Temperature tolerance and bouncy of the cork products make it a well used product in the automobile industry. Gaskets frames made up of cork give them a dimensional stability to make a good use. Gasket frames used in automobile industry can be given any shape and size and that shows the properties of cork.

    Recycling Most important property of a cork is that it can be recycled. Every year around 12 billion cork stoppers are sold worldwide. Recycling is important to increase the use of raw material that enables the life cycle of cork to be extended. This is not just to decrease the costs associated with the production of high value-added products, but would also to contribute to a cleaner world. Nothing is left, everything is transformed. The possibility to use raw material is so much that the cork dust resulting from recycling can also be used as a source of energy.

    AR Cork has been serving since more than 5 years in the cork industry with distinguish range of products. Be it automobile or transformer industry, rubberised cork sheets or frame gaskets, we always ensure to deliver the best quality cork products. Below are our suites of products.
  • Cork Components
  • Cork Frames
  • Cork Sheets
  • Cork Strips
  • Rubberised Cork sheets